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Digital Fabric Printing

Are you looking for a company that provides digital printing on fabric? Look no further! Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging provides the full-color, high-quality imaging you are looking for. We can create intricate designs, halftones, and gradients with digital fabric printing and dye sublimation.
Why use digital printing on fabric?
Here are some of advantages of this technology:
  • The resulting colors are crisp and vivid.
  • Digital fabric printing offers a virtually endless color pallet.
  • The combination of digital fabric printing and dye-sublimation techniques can achieve a strong visual impact through texture, color, and size. This makes your fabric images stand out from the crowd.
  • Digital fabric printing and dye sublimation make your results colorfast, which means that the colors won't fade once the image has been embedded into the fabric.
  • Digital fabric printing is cost-effective for smaller print runs (1-100 prints).
  • If it can be designed on a computer, it can be brought to life with digital fabric printing.
  • Dye-sublimated fabrics are lightweight, and they can be rolled and folded, which makes them easy to transport.
  • At Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging, our large prints can have a seamless width of up to 103 inches, but wider images also can be achieved through tiling. That is why we have skilled seamstresses in our in-house finishing department who will ensure that the end result is of the highest standard.

With digital fabric printing and dye sublimation, we can create products that range from banners, media backdrops, portable displays, and table runners to gonfalons, avenue banners, processional banners, and more.

Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging offers digital fabric printing for a wide variety of clients in the educational, corporate, government, non-profit, theatre, TV, theatre, and movie industries. To get a quote, please call us toll free at (877) 655-2321 or at (404) 367-8660. You can also send us a message by filling out our contact form.

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