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Traveler Easy Assembly Instructions


  1. Unpack complete unit and place the components together.
  2. Note corresponding letters (A-B-C-D-E-F-G) identifying components.
  3. Poles are manufactured in sections. Tapered end/swedge C always fits into female ends (B-D-A).
  4. Assemble bottom section first. Fit "F" into "G" and then connect pole(s) as indicated in your layout.
  5. When complete, connect each of two vertical sections.
  6. For top horizontal assembly, connect poles with "E" (top corners). Do this before connecting to rest of frame. When finished, lay frame down and connect top section to frame. Now frame is complete and ready to accept Traveler banner.
  7. Slide banner over frame as if it's a pillowcase. Everything is now ready for a great display.
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