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Graduation Gonfalons

Are you looking for Graduation Gonfalons? You are in the right place! Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging provides superior-quality Graduation Gonfalons, as well as, Graduation Ceremony Banners, Backdrops, Table Draping, and the best products you can wish for your commencement ceremony.
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At Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging, Graduation Gonfalons are given the thoughtfulness and solemnity they deserve. Since Medieval times, this type of banner has contributed to distinguish communities, display messages and promote brands. Within the Education Community, Graduation Gonfalons have taken on additional meaning: Graduation Gonfalons are a physical representation of the celebration of achievement.

Since 2002, when Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging first received a Graduation Gonfalon request, they not only started their odyssey into the world of Commencements, but also have taken to heart the meaning and the importance that Graduation Gonfalons have during these ceremonies. Their understanding is so thorough that they are happy to give advice and make suggestions to make the of Graduation Gonfalons.
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Highest Quality Gonfalons for Graduations
Here are some pearls of wisdom from the experts in Graduation Gonfalons:
  • Size is important. Make sure your Graduation Gonfalons are large enough for all to see.
  • Your Graduation Gonfalons will likely have uniform color. Consider distinguishing disciplines by additional color. This will increase viewer recognition.
  • Large and bolder print will make the difference.
  • If you wish your Graduation Gonfalons to be carried at uniform height during the procession, equip your Gonfaloniers with Parade Belts. Since the weight is off the arms, Graduation Gonfalons are easier to carry and look terrific!

We invite you to benefit from the great expertise and quality of work in the matter of Graduation Gonfalons that Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging always provides. Its President and staff's goal is to make every commencement a milestone for Students, Parents and Honored Guest. So, why keep looking? The answer for the best Graduation Gonfalons is Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging.

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