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Portable Displays

Are you looking for portable displays but aren't willing to sacrifice an ounce of quality? Well, you're in luck because Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging combines the best of both worlds by offering portable displays of the highest quality.
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Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging has developed a solid reputation for producing only the finest work in Fabric Imaging. We offer an array of options when it comes to portable displays, such as retractables (pullups), portable backdrops, among other products, all designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding industries.

Our portable displays are easy to transport and simple to assemble, giving you the flexibility to easily adapt to most surroundings and to any last-minute change. Assembling our portable displays is fairly simple and no tools are required because the poles that hold them together fit with snap buttons. The poles of each of the portable displays come with a distinct letter, making it easy to identify how the poles snap together.

The best thing about working with Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging is that we've maintained the same core values since we first opened in 1875. This means that when you entrust us with your portable displays, you can rest assured you will only receive the best and most direct attention from our staff. From the artists and seamstresses who design and tailor portable displays to our accountants and president, we will guide and advise you so you and your company get the most out of portable displays.

For more information about our variety of high-quality portable displays, be sure to browse our products section. You can also call us toll free at (877) 655-2321, at (404) 367-8660 or leave us a message by filling out our contact form. By getting in touch, you will be able to ask for a quote for your portable display.

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