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High Quality Backdrops: Stand Out at Trade Shows and Conferences

June 15, 2017
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Picture of High Quality Backdrops at a Tradeshow
One of the most effective ways to reach consumers and connect with business partners in the U.S. are trade shows. Trade shows, conventions, conferences and congresses are the meeting point of every industry, and they represent a significant component of the country's economy. In fact, the 2015 Industry Census established that there were 13,000+ exhibitions in North America that catered to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer businesses (Center for Exhibition Industry Research). 9,400 of those exhibitions were located in the U.S. alone. According to that same report, these 9,000+ trade shows translated into 32.5 million attendees and 1.3 million exhibitors! In this sea of companies, what can you do to make sure your business gets noticed? How do you draw attention to your exhibit booth?

Picture of a High Quality Backdrop Representing a Brand
Have you ever heard the expression, "A picture is worth a thousand words?" Highly impressive graphics always draw the attention of potential customers and business partners. When attending a trade show, a conference, or any other corporate event, you need to make sure your display makes an impact on your desired business partners and clients. A great backdrop should not only represent your brand, but make it pop with high quality graphics and vibrant colors! This is true whether you are looking to increase your network or attract potential clients.

Imagine you are in the supermarket and see two brands of toothpaste you've never seen before. They cost exactly the same amount. However, one of them comes in a quality package with crisp colors and a great design, and the other one comes in a dull package that looks cheap. Which one would you put in your shopping cart? This situation is not unlike a trade show, where all the products are lined up next to one another for a direct comparison. You must set yourself apart from your competitors on the exhibit floor. That is why one of the most essential parts of any exhibit booth is its backdrop.

Who Uses Backdrops?

Picture of a High Quality Backdrop used in a Theater Performance

Backdrops were first used in theater during the Italian Renaissance to create the scenery for plays. Later, when photography started to boom between the mid-1800s to the early 1900s, painted backdrops were used as a standard in photo studios, and a more modern version of this tool is still used today in professional photography. However, the use of backdrops has evolved beyond theater and photography, and we now see them in different settings. They are created for very different purposes. The advancement of technology has allowed backdrops to become much more sophisticated, with a wide range in quality, durability, imaginative design, and portability. Most of all, they make an impression and set the stage for our brands. A backdrop can act as a stage for your meetings or perform a function, like a step and repeat, to increase publicity and create a certain celebrity appeal to your booth.

Types of Backdrops

There are two main types of backdrops that you can use for corporate events: Portable backdrops and non-framed backdrops. A high-quality, vibrant-looking portable backdrop can help you make a statement and lets people easily identify your brand. A portable backdrop can be easily assembled and disassembled, and can fit in a carrier bag. This type of backdrop is ideal to be used for travelling to different events. Portable media backdrops can display one or multiple logos, words, or images that can be repeated, or tiled, on the fabric. Backdrops can provide impressive displays, drawing attention and making attendees interested in what you have to show. Non-framed backdrops are quite versatile and can be used to change the look and feel of virtually any environment, turning everyday spaces into something special. Non-framed backdrops can be attached to many different types of systems such as trusses, back walls, pipes, and more. A good backdrop will be made with great attention to detail, and high-quality color matching will be used to keep colors as close as possible to your brand. Grand Format technology, and size variety are two major factors to make sure that your backdrop fits your event needs perfectly and is large enough to be visible in photographs or across a large conference hall in high definition.

How to Use a Backdrop at a Corporate Event

Using backdrops has become the norm when organizing or exhibiting in corporate events. The right backdrop can make your brand stand out. Backdrops add a certain vibe to the area where they are installed, transforming an otherwise ordinary space into a unique setting. Therefore, you need a backdrop that represents your brand and "speaks" to your prospects. A great backdrop is a crucial part of any corporate event where your company will be present as an exhibitor or sponsor. Nowadays, both graphic and printing technology make it possible to create customized backdrops for any kind of event.

Showcasing a Logo

Picture of a High Quality Backdrop used for a Press Conference

Backdrops can be customized to showcase the logo of a company, putting the brand in the mind of attendees. In the case of sponsors, a high-quality backdrop sends a strong message by displaying brands with superior placements and encouraging future sponsorship.
If you are attending a tradeshow as an exhibitor to showcase your products to potential buyers and business partners, you could use a customized backdrop to set up the right environment to attract customers, sending a powerful message about your brand. The right backdrop will instantly draw attention to your booth.

Investing in Your Brand Helps You Build Business

An article published by Inc. magazine, recommends investing in a great display to stand out from the crowd. Companies who look more invested in their brand, in turn look more investable. On top of that, if the material you've chosen for your display looks great and is of good quality, you can save it for future shows.
You have most likely seen backdrops strategically placed at special events, ceremonies, charity galas, and other trade shows. They can transform the atmosphere and capture the theme, setting the scene and mood for the occasion accordingly. For example, backdrops can be placed at the entrance of your company's annual party to offer the attendees a celebrity-style welcome experience or inside for them to take pictures with the scene behind them.

Social Media Marketing and Backdrops… the Dynamic Duo?

In today's business world, social media plays a key role in building your network and increasing traffic to your website. The competition is ruthless, and the Internet has increased people's accessibility to products and services. How can you harness this attention at trade shows?
Just to give you an idea of what that means, LinkedIn, a social network that focuses on business and employment, has more than 450 million members members and Instagram reportedly had 78 million users active monthly in the U.S. alone in 2016. Now imagine that just 0.1% of these users were impressed by your social media feed and became interested in getting to know more about who you are!
Social media marketing was initially seen by some marketers as a "business fad". However, it has become evident that it is not going away anytime soon. Businesses continue to benefit from strategic social media marketing today. Smartinsights.com recently discussed the benefits of attending trade shows and recommended including social media contact info so that attendees can connect with your brand. A Guide to Using Social Media at Tradeshows observed an increase in the number of companies embracing social media platforms to market their brands during trade shows. These platforms are an excellent way for businesses to promote their brand and to meet existing and prospective customers. How can you engage those customers at your next trade show?

Representing Your Brand at a Trade Show on Social Media

The Huffington Post lists the #1 tip for show booth success as being the first impression you have on attendees. The simple fact is, a creative booth idea can give a company "huge edge" at any event. Posting live on social media during trade shows allows potential customers or business partners to learn about your products or services and, as stated above, connect with your business. The most iconic backdrop for social media is called a Step and Repeat. A Step and Repeat is a backdrop that usually features a high-resolution logo or icon of your brand, and the trade show you are attending. The premise behind using this special social media backdrop is that people will pose in front of the backdrop in order to have photos taken for social media.
Social media allows you to connect and even interact with those who are not able to attend the show. In a nutshell, using social media will let you reach a wider audience and it may even attract prospective customers to come to the show. Of course, your display booth is a key element in getting their attention. Even if it is online, the exhibit booth—and the backdrop or backdrops that make it up—play a key role in this matter.

Interesting (Random) Facts about Backdrops

  • In vaudeville, there was a backdrop called the "olio curtain". This curtain was placed about ten feet away from the footlights and had advertising from different sponsors painted on it. It was called the "olio curtain" because it was usually part of short sketches played in-between the main performance acts and these sketches were called "olio acts." Nowadays, this device is called mid-stage traveler. This was probably the first time backdrops were used for advertisement purposes.

  • In this day and age, fabric graphics lead the trade show sphere. They have several advantages and top-quality fabric imaging that results in vibrant colors and a durable material that is easy to pack and transport.

Why Is It Important to Hire the Right Company to Create Your Backdrops?

In trade shows, the backdrop is a graphic representation of your company—the very thing that will draw attendees to your booth. For events and ceremonies, they help set the scene and make guests feel welcome. These are just some of the reasons why choosing the right company to print your backdrops is so important. They need to know what they are doing, while having the dedication, the right tools, and the technology to accomplish top-quality results.
At Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging, we know that quality is everything when it comes to presenting your brand in fabric. Using precision color matching to make your brand cohesive across many materials, we pair the most advanced technology with expert printing professionals to ensure the final product meets and exceeds your expectations.

Are you looking for portable or non-framed backdrops of the highest quality made with advanced techniques? Southern Tailors Fabric Imaging offers many alternatives to easily accommodate your needs. Call us today at (404) 367-8660, toll-free at (877) 655-2321, or send us a message through the contact us form to make your brand pop at your next trade show or event.

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