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Banners and Backdrops: 5 Reasons Effective Signage Is Important for Your Business

November 02, 2017
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Signage is an important part of any business. Whether for advertising or on-premise signage, using appealing and creative banners can set your business apart from your competitors.

Nowadays, branding and brand awareness are key to any business's success, and using effective signage can be the difference between being recognized by potential customers or being passed by.

Here are some reasons why your business should use quality banners and backdrops as well as some tips on how to make them more effective.
    1. They can attract new customers and create brand awareness
      Figures from a study published by the International Sign Association indicate that half of customers report learning about a business through its on-premise signage. The same study also found that a 7% increase in sales can result in a 124% increase in profits. That is why any business that is looking to grow needs quality signage.

      Effective signage, however, not only increases the number of customers who walk through your door, it can also boost your company's branding.

      Branding is how consumers perceive your company, product, or service. It's what comes to their minds when they hear your company's name.

      With the rise of globalization and the internet, branding is more important now than ever. After all, you want your customers to think of your business whenever the type of products or services you offer are brought up, and that's exactly what a strong brand will do for you. A recognizable brand will put you ahead of your competitors. This is incredibly valuable as the battle for customers gets fiercer with each passing day.

      But how can a banner, a backdrop, or an avenue banner help you do that? The answer is exposure. By strategically designing and placing a sign, you can draw attention to your business and help your brand position itself in the minds of prospective customers.

      Striking signage placed in just the right places can introduce your business to people who might later become customers.

    2. They can make you stand out
      A well-designed, quality banner can help you stand out from your competitors. The more interesting and unique your signage is, the more it will catch the attention of potential customers, reinforcing your brand's presence in their heads.

      As much as a quality sign can help you gain new customers, poor-quality signage can turn off potential customers.

    3. They are functional
      Signage is not only an important marketing and promotional tool, it can also direct customers to your business and let them know when a sale or promotion is happening. The right signage will help you effectively communicate with your customers and improve their experience.

    4. They provide continued exposure
      Your business's signage will be up 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, which is different from marketing promotions or advertising campaigns that run for a limited time. Their need to buy your product or services might not be immediate, but this continued exposure will make them think of you when the need arises.

    5. They are cost-effective
      Signage is one of the most cost-effective aspects of any marketing strategy. As a business owner, you're probably thinking about advertising media such as radio, print, internet, email marketing, or direct mail. You should, however, also consider signage.

      A common unit of measurement for calculating the cost-effectiveness of any advertisement is "costs per mille," or CPM, which measures the cost an advertiser pays for an advertisement to reach 1,000 members of its intended audience.

      The value of one on-site sign equals 24 full-page print ads per year. A single TV commercial has a CPM of around $9.82, compared to $0.02 for an on-premise sign, according to Brandon Gaille, a prominent blogger in the world of marketing.

      The signage study mentioned earlier also found that only 1% of first-time customers learned about a business from a TV commercial.

      As you can see, a little investment can go a long way.
More statistics on effective signage

Other research studies have found some other interesting statistics on effective signage. A study by BrandSpark International, Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper Study, and the University of Cincinnati determined that:

  • 3 out of 4 people surveyed "agreed or strongly agreed" that one of the first things they notice about a new or unfamiliar business is its on-premise signage.

  • Nearly 85% of people surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that signs can "convey the personality or character of the business."

  • 3 out of 5 people acknowledge that they've driven past a business they were looking for because the signage was too small or unclear.

Similarly, according to the International Sign Association :

  • A well-placed sign can expose local consumers to your brand about 50 to 60 times per month.

  • A company reported that an investment in a well-designed, well-made, and well-placed sign resulted in a 15% increase in business.

  • Best Buy found that about 17% of its customers were impulse buyers who only stopped at its stores because they saw a sign.

Tips to making your signs more effective

  • Placement

    The location of your signage can have a great effect on how it is perceived by potential consumers and how effective it is.

    Ideally, you should experiment with temporary banners before placing a permanent one. This way, you can learn how different factors such as natural and artificial light, parked vehicles, or other factors might affect peoples' view of your sign.

    Temporary banners will also let you evaluate what are the best colors or color combinations, fonts and font sizes to use, and how to light it properly.

    If you're using lawn signs, make sure they are located in places with abundant foot and vehicle traffic. If you are targeting people driving by, place it at an intersection or where vehicles are forced to stop or slow down. This will maximize your sign's potential views.

  • Simplicity

    Remember the ultimate purpose of your signage is to let potential customers know where you are and draw them to your business.

    With that in mind, think about how you should design your signage to accomplish these goals. It must be attention-grabbing, but not too complicated. Texture, color, and size can create a lasting visual impact.

    Prospective customers must be able to read them from a considerable distance. Make sure your signage is large enough, uses a clear and easy-to-read font, and its colors contrast with the background.

  • Visibility

    This is closely related to where you place your sign and how it is designed.

    It's important that your signage is not obstructed by anything, including trees or even other signs. You lose potential customers if they can't see your signage.

    When installing display banners, retractables, vinyl and avenue banners, backdrops, or any other type of signage, make sure that you check how it looks from all potential vantage points.

  • Variability

    To be an effective marketing communication tool, signs need to not only attract, but also keep the attention of your prospective customers. They need to be easy to understand, recognizable, and perceived in a positive way.

    However, signs can be perceived differently by different people. Other details you should take into consideration include the height at which the sign is placed and the images or fonts that are used.

    These details need to be chosen strategically to create and display a sign that is perceived positively by most people.

  • Quality

    The BrandSpark International study mentioned earlier found that around 2 out of 5 consumers make assumptions about the quality of a company based on its signs.

    That's why displaying quality signage both on and off your business's premises is extremely important for portraying the right image for your brand.

    One great way to guarantee that your banners, backdrops, and other signage are of the highest quality is by using dye sublimation for fabric imaging.

  • Repetition

    For advertising to be effective, it often needs to be repetitive. That's why you should keep your signs up and maintain them properly. Nothing puts potential customers off like a poorly maintained sign.

  • Strategy

    Your business's signage should be part or your overall marketing strategy. Signs can help you sell and market your products and services, and as such, they should evolve with your brand and play an important role in your marketing efforts.

    We hope this information has helped you learn a bit more about why signage can be one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy.

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My brother wants to open his own store one day, so thanks for the tips on creating a sign for a small business. I like your point about making sure the sign is attractive, but also functional. Making sure it is legible and communicates with readers should be the first priority in my opinion.

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